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Property Management by The Lodges at Blue Mountain

Owning property is a lot of work; this work can be even more daunting when you don’t live in the area. The Lodges at Blue Mountain offers a wide range of property management services, from lawn cutting to home renovations. Some of our services include, but are not limited to;



We have an in house staff of over 20 housekeepers working exclusively for the company. We conduct pre rental and post rental inspections. Cleaning services in some units include replenishing all basic cleaning supplies; liquid soap, dishwasher and laundry soaps, paper supplies and in some unit’s full linen services are provided including shampoo, soaps and conditioners. They have experience cleaning in all different types of situations, such as spring cleans and cleans for a long term rental. Our team will clean you’re the property before and after each rental so that no matter the time the place is always clean. During or slower spring and fall seasons, we like to perform deep cleans and evaluate all supplies from cutlery to appliance and furniture. We will inform you of any major changes needed at your home.



We have our own in house maintenance staff that is available 24 hours a day. They are equipped to do numerous functions. They will make sure that your property looks and performs at its best. In extreme cases, we do have 3rd party trades that we can call for additional assistance. Here is a short list of the services they can provide.


Emergency Services

We have staff available on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week to respond to guests concerns. Even if you are using your own unit and incur a emergency our staff would be available to your family. Our emergency after hours phone number is 705-888-0716. Drywall and Paint – when and if you ever need to freshen your home up a simple paint job goes a long way to keep your home looking fresh. We will also repair any drywall scuffs along the way.


Electrical and Plumbing

All of our maintenance staff have front line electrical and plumbing skills to deal with leaks and clogs or lose fixtures and leaking taps. We regularly replace light bulbs and respond to most electrical issues. In both cases if needed, we have third party trades that we can call on for further expertise.


Heating and Cooling Systems

We are constantly working with staff to ensure thermostats are working and set to conservation levels when guests are not present. We also work with guests to ensure they are not over using the temperatures. Regularly checking for furnace filters, clear ventilation and many other preventative actions to ensure your systems are running efficiently and lasting a long time.


Snow and Lawn

We have our own equipment for snow plowing and lawn care. We will even shovel decks and walkways and supply ice melt to ensure guests safety. Summer services include fertilizing, mowing, trimming, cleaning any debris, leaves etc.


Hot Tub & Pools

If your home has a private pool or hot tub our staff is trained to service either of these. This includes regularly servicing both with chemicals to ensure proper water specifications. Dump and refill hot tubs on a regular basis.



For added peace of mind, The Lodges at Blue Mountain has contracted the services of a private security company. The security team monitors the activity in and around your unit when it is rented. They conduct 4 patrols a night for each unit. This ensures that your property is always is in good hands and renters are following our rules of conduct.


If you have any questions or to become part of our Rental Property Management Program, please contact our staff at 1.877.368.2583 or send us an email to