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Rental Management by The Lodges at Blue Mountain

The Blue Mountain and Collingwood tourism area as known as the Georgian Triangle are Ontario’s only true 4 season resort community. If you are looking for investment properties, or if you are a current property owner in the Blue Mountain area, our rental and property management program may be on interest to you and likely fall into one of the following categories.

  • You own a property in the Collingwood/ Blue Mountain area.
  • You are looking for ways to maximize your investment.
  • You have been doing the rentals yourself and just don’t want to anymore.
  • Currently using the services of another company and want to make a switch.
  • You feel that you just don’t use the space enough and want to share it with others.
  • Plus many more.


No matter the situation that you are in The Lodges at Blue Mountain can make it work for you. You have the choice of long term rentals, short term and many other options. At this point we represent over 100 different property owners, we are the leading rental company in the Blue Mountain area. With our leading edge website along with our diverse marketing we feel that we can offer an owner the benefits of peace of mind in knowing that you property is being expertly cared for, having a nice clean mountain home to use at your discretion, 24-hour on call maintenance & front office. Not to mention the rental revenue that makes your investment valuable.


As Owners of your Property, we do not put any restrictions on the amount of use you have at your property. You can book your Property in a number of ways and in every case you will also receive a confirmation email from us. This reduces the unlikely occasions of double bookings. We simply ask you just confirm prior to your arrival that your property is available for your use.


How does The Lodges at Blue Mountain market the rentals so that your income is maximized? We focus on designing our website that will perform well in the Search Engines, excel in usability and facilitate a purchasing action which results in increased bookings and revenue. Here is an overview our of sales and marketing strategy.



Today, slightly more than 90% of bookings come from online use of our website. The reality is that in order to be successful you need to understand how to market on the web. We feel that we have the best web presence on any rental company in the area.


In 2009 we went through an extensive website redesign. Our major objective was to increase the user experience which would turn into an increase of bookings and revenue. Providing real time information including pricing and availability were just two of the many major changes that were made. As a result, our revenues have more than doubled that past 3 years and our online web stats, mainly new visitors, have also more than doubled. We increased the opportunities for users to book which technique is called ‘calls for action’. A 2004 J.D Power & Associates Hotel Guest Satisfaction Study found that guests who book directly on a vacation rental property website, reported significantly higher satisfaction with their stay than those who make reservations through a third party travel site. The study goes onto say the number of consumers who booked a hotel reservation online has increased more than 50% over 2003. Our objective is to capitalize on this ongoing and increasing trend.


Your property is beautiful, and you need to make sure that the website that represents your property is as well. In this type of industry having a nice website will only take you so far, it’s the functionality that separates us from the competition. Every single property we own has its own property page with its own information, this is information that we can do or you can it yourself if you choose. Each property also gets a full set of professionally taken photos that are added to the site free of charge. Each property web page also features an availability calendar, so that you know when someone will or will not be in your property, and since this calendar is directly connected to our internal system is always accurate, the second a booking is placed the website is updated. A potential customer can also book your property right from the property page with only a few easy clicks. The website is able to generate the cost and all of the information needed for the rental instantly. What this does is makes us a 24 hour booking service. The Lodges at Blue Mountain takes a great deal of pride in its website, if you have not taken a look around we encourage you to do so.


Search Engine Optimization

Making sure that your company is present on the big three search engines is imperative to any company that is online. We use the services of one of Canada’s leading Search Engine firms in order to ensure that we are the first result on any Google, Bing, or Yahoo Search. Our average Google results ranking is in the 1.2 position. Meaning for almost every searchable key word regarding Blue Mountain, our website listing will be displayed on average a position placement of 1.2.



We have an active Facebook page that past and future guests are involved in. Through this medium we let people know about any events that are happening in the area, and other information. We also do advertise last minute bookings through here in order in increase the odds of getting a rental.



Marketing is more than directly selling to the end customer, this is why we have a blog on the website. The blog does two things to help us. It uses key words that will help us show up on the search engines and it is a way for us to communicate with the customer in a more personal way. On the blog we put pictures of events that are happening and we also put lots of local events up through here.



We strive to not only offer our guests quality rental properties at fair value, as our tag line states, we are all about increasing our guests experience. We have partnered with local business to bring added value to our guests. Some of the promotions include: food vouchers, wifi access, discounts at major restaurants like Boston Pizza, a varied number of attraction discounts and our most recent of providing guests with a Brick Commercial Rewards Card.



Finally it all starts with a good staff. Our front office staff is very knowledgeable about all our properties. We regularly have tours of the properties so staff know all the fine details and selling features. We are also very particular about ensuring the right guest is booked at the right property. This includes age limits of 21, family’s only units, screening for ‘party groups’ as well as making sure the guests expectations are met to limit any disappointments upon check in.


If you have any questions or to become part of our Rental Property Management Program, please contact our staff at 1.877.368.2583 or send us an email to