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Policies and Code of Ethics 

It is the desire of The Lodges at Blue Mountain Corporation (herein referred to as (“BML’) to provide a high standard for Vacation Accommodation and to ensure both BML and Tenant has a clear understanding of what is expected of each other. And that both parties conduct themselves with a maximum standard.
Once the Rental Agent is able to confirm prices and availability, a ElectronicRental Agreement will be emailed to you. This will hold your booking for 48 hours
The Rental Agreement needs to be accepted within the 48 hour hold period
The person signing the Rental Agreement MUST BE the Tenant that is accepting responsibility and liability, 
Once the Rental Deposit has been processed and payment has been confirmed, a confirmation # and check in instructions will be email back to you confirming your reservation. Please read this carefully for accuracy of Dates, Rental Property Address, # of guests etc. 
By signing and submitting the Rental Agreement and payment has been applied, The Tenant acknowledges that they have read and understood, the following documents, Rental Agreement, Code of Ethics, Rules of Conduct and Noise By-Law and that you and your guests are agreeing to all the legal conditions as set forth and that you have not provided false information and meet our minimum age requirements.
Cancellation Policy
Cancellations made within two (2) days after confirmation has been sent to the Tenant (defined as the “Grace Period”) are subject to an administration fee of the greater of $100.00 or 3% of the rental deposit holding the reservation. There is no Grace Period for rental properties reserved 30 days or less prior to the beginning of the Rental Term.
Cancellations made after the Grace Period and 45 days prior to the start of the Rental Term (defined as an “Advanced Cancellation”) are subject to an administration fee of the greater of $150 or 5% of the rental deposit holding the reservation.  
Cancellations made within 45 days of the start of the Rental Term (defined as a “Restricted Cancellation”) are subject to a penalty of the entire Rental Fee, unless the same Rental Property is rebooked for the entire Rental Term.  If the Rental Property is rebooked, the Tenant shall be subject to an administration fee of the greater of $200 or 10% of the Rental Fee for the Restricted Cancellation PLUS any differences between the Tenant’s Rental Fee and fees received from the new booking.  
All eligible refunds in the form of deposits and/or fees paid towards the reservation will be issued to the credit card on file or by mailed cheque to the Tenant.  Refunds may take several days to process.
No refunds will be made due to malfunctioning or inoperative appliances, delayed arrivals, early departures or weather inclement. 
Check in Procedure
On your confirmation letter, you will be instructed to sign in and pick up keys at our office.
Upon check in, The Tenant will be required to provide proper ID – Drivers License that is listed on the Rental Agreement, a copy of The Rental Agreement and Confirmation Letter.
You may will also be required to sign the following documents, Rules of Conduct, Noise By-Law and our Pool and or Hot tub waiver if The Rental Property has such amenities.
Check in-Out Times
Early check-in.  During certian times of the year, you may be notify by email when your property is ready for a early check in.
Damage/Cleaning Deposit
INSURANCE PREMIUM a portion of the Rental Fee includes an insurance premium for Accidental Damage to the Rental Property.  However, this Premium does not cover Malicious and Purposeful Damages.
DAMAGE CHARGES   Upon arrival at the Property any damage to the Rental Property must be reported to BML immediately.  In the event of Malicious damage, loss and/or excessive dirty conditions left by the Tenant (not covered by the Insurance Premium) the Tenant will be charged for the cost to fix, replace and/or clean the Rental Property plus any management fees.  
Residential Area
BML has provided certain Rental Units to its Tenants in area’s that are deemed to be Residential by Nature and used for Residential uses. The Tenant agrees to conduct itself accordingly and in compliance with the rules and regulations set forth in the Rental Agreement.
General Supplies
BML will supply appliances listed on each units webpage in addition to all, paper towel, toilet paper, Kleenex, hand soap, cleaning brushes, brooms and or mops, vacuum cleaner, cooking tools, cutlery, garbage bags.
Pillows and comforters and supplied for each bed.
All condo rental property are fully supplied with Towels, Linens etc. Chalet properties are not and guests can either bring their their own or rental such supplies from BML>
Specific Lodges will have vehicle parking limits. Please refer to your rental agreement for specific limits pertaining to the Lodge you have booked.
At some Properties, parking passes are required. Please ensure to display these at all times and return them upon departure.
Most Lodges are supplied with either gas or wood fireplaces.
For wood fireplaces, The Tenant is responsible for their own firewood. Wood burning logs are strictly prohibited.
Fires must be supervised at all times and all protective screens/doors must also be used at all times.
Not all properties are Pet Friendly. Plesae check each properties list of conditions. There is a $25 pet Fee and we do require pets be well contained and not left alone. And that owners clean the yards
Check with your rental agent for specific pet friendly lodges. A $25 fee will apply for pets.
All our lodges are non smoking. We have provided outdoor ash trays if needed.
Pools & Hot Tubs
BML notifies the Tenant that Pools and or Hot Tubs are unsupervised and are to be used solely at the risk of the Tenant and their guests.
For those units which have private or shared pools and or hot tubs, The Tenant will be required to sign a Pool & Hot Tub waiver.
For Hot tubs, Tenants will be supplied certain chemicals that are required to used nightly. Instructions and pre measured cups are supplied.
If during a rental of 3 days or less and extra cleaning of Hot Tub or Pool is required a $50.00 will apply.
BML will clean all Pools and Hot Tubs prior to each Rental Period. For rentals longer than 4 days, the BML will monitor the water quality and exercise its best judgment for further action, based on water quality.   If the Tenant has any doubt about water quality, they should contact the Landlords or its representatives immediately.
Covers to Pools and Hot Tubs should be used and locked at all times when not in use particularly overnight.
BML will not be held responsible or liable for any injuries or deaths that occur during use of Pools and or Hot Tubs.
The Tenant will be given at set of Keys for The Premises of which the Tenant shall not duplicate (or distribute) whatsoever. If additional Keys are required, The Tenant shall request from BML.
Tenant will be required to sign for the # of keys issued at time of check in. Keys are to be returned at time of check out. As these Lodges are privately owned, Tenants are responsible for lost keys. The property must be re-keyed and The Tenant will be charged the cost of this procedure.
In the event a Tenant is locked out of a property due to loss of key(s) during their Rental Period, The Tenant can obtain a new set of keys from our office during normal business hours. If this occurs after business hours, The Tenant is subject to a key fee of $25.00.
BML will inspect Premises for any damage or loss. Damage Deposit will be refunded in full if Premises is in good standing order.   If Landlord discovers any damage, loss or excessive dirty conditions, The Tenant will be charged from the Damage Deposit. If the repairs are less than the Damage Deposit, the balance of funds will be refunded upon completion of repair. If damages are found to be in excess of Damage Deposit, BML reserves the right to charge these additional costs to the credit card on file. If the credit card transaction is declined, BML will then have the right to pursue legal action against The Tenant., which will result in further costs incurred by The Tenant.
The Tenant agrees not to sublet The Premises or assign in whole or in part any part of this Agreement.
The Landlord agrees to have The Premises professionally cleaned at its expense prior to the occupation date.
Before Check-out
The Tenant shall maintain, keep and leave The Premises any and all fixtures, not limited to, furnishings, household articles, equipment appliances, TV, BBQ, Hot Tub, Stereos, DVD, Kitchen amenities, contained therein or forming part thereof in an ordinary state of cleanliness and in the same good working order as found on the date of possession, and The Tenant be personally liable for any and all damages, reasonable wear and tear excepted, caused by The Tenant, its guests or employees, servants or agents.
Upon departure, The Tenant shall immediately remove all personal items, clean the unit, remove all garbage into garbage bins, clean any and all dishes pots & pans, clean BBQ grill, turn heat down to 15c and or air conditioning to 26c, ensure all lights are turned off, appliances & electronics are shut off, fireplaces are empty and not still burning, close and lock all doors and windows
The Tenant shall keep all Garbage well contained in Garbage Bags within the Rental Property – depending on facilities at each Rental Property either one of – a garage, upper outside decks away from animals, condo ‘garbage rooms’ or industrial bins. 
No Garbage is to be place in the Garbage Bin unless contained in Garbage Bags. The Garbage Bin shall remain
Locked at all time when not in use.
Right To Enter
The Tenant acknowledges and agrees that BML or its agents/contractors has the right to enter The Premises for the purposes of Cleaning, Maintenance, Repairs, during normal business hours. The Landlord or its agents/contractors retain the right to enter The Premises at any time for emergency Maintenance or Repairs without the prior notice of The Tenant.
The Tenant shall not make alterations, construct or decorate any parts contained within The Premises without the prior written consent of BML. The Tenant shall notify BML immediately and provide written notice of any accident or other defect that has occurred during the Term of The Agreement.
Reasons for Eviction
The Tenant risks eviction if any of the following occurs;
# OF GUESTS Each Lodge has specific Guest Occupancy Regulations. If additional guests are found occupying the premises, the Tenant will be charged $100 per additional person per night and/or have their contracted terminated immediately;
ILLEGAL ACTIVITY Use of The Premises for any illegal activity including but not limited to the possession of illegal drugs, serving or consumption of alcoholic beverages by or to persons under the legal drinking age within the property or in and around any pools or hot tubs that are part of the Rental Property;
HOUSE PARTIES / ARE NOT ALLOWED – The Tenant understands that BML has provided The Rental Property based on the information provided in that The Tenant is representative of a Family, Married Couples, and responsible adults over the minimum age requirements as set by each property.
PROM/AFTER PROM GROUPS ARE STRICTLY NOT PERMITTED – any group or groups found to have misrepresented this fact will not be allowed access and will be evicted and charged with fraud if to be found during the Rental Period.
NEIGHBOURS If the Tenant causes damage to The Rental Property or to any of the neighboring properties; excessive noise or any other acts which interferes with neighbors’ rights to quite enjoyment, as most of these Lodges are located with residential areas;
NOISE BY-LAW Any violations that are subject to the Zero Tolerance noise By-Laws govern by the Town of The Blue Mountains.  Prior to 7am and no later than 11pm. By-laws can also be found on our website
MISREPRESENTATION Any reservation made under false pretenses will result in forfeiture of Rental Fee and Tenant will not be permitted to check in or will be evicted if such false information is found during The Rental Period.
Any Material Breech of The Rental Agreement, Noise By-Law, Rules of Conduct or Code of Ethics, which in the sole determination of the Landlord results in damage to Rental Property, Personal injury to Tenants, disturbance of Neighbours rights, violations of Criminal Laws (other than those listed within).
BML has used it best efforts to rent to The Tenant a rental unit which is fully operational. Information regarding individual property listings is believed to be accurate but cannot be guaranteed as these properties are privately owned and changes occur without notice to The Lodges at Blue Mountain Corporation.  However we have made every effort to ensure that all information is accurate. Prior to your arrival its best to check with our check in staff for updated list of amenities.
The Tenant acknowledges and accept from BML that from time to time before or during The Rental Period, certain amenities my not be available or functional, due to circumstances beyond BML control. BML will use it best efforts to fix or replace such deficiencies before or during The Rental Period, but cannot be held responsible or in material breech of The Agreement in any manner whatsoever.
UNUSABLE PROPERTY In rare cases when a Rental Property, either prior to, or during the Rental Period has suffered damages that will not allow the Tenant to remain in the Rental Property or begin the Rental Term, The Landlord will use its best efforts to find similar accommodations at its own expense or refund The Tenant a prorated share to the Rental Fee. Both parties agree that The Landlord will not further compensate The Tenant for any reason whatsoever.
ACTS OF GOD Neither BML, its agents or property owners shall be liable for events beyond their own control which may interfere with The Tenants occupancy, including but not limited to, Acts of God or Governmental agencies, fire, strikes, war, inclement weather, noise from constructions or nearby activities. BML will have full discretion of offer refunds or rebates.
DOUBLE BOOKINGS are rare. In the event that a Tenant reservation for a Rental Property overlaps an existing Tenant’s reservation, BML will first, rely on the booking date of each party to declare first rights. Secondly, make every effort as its sole cost to provide the displaced Tenant with another property within its rental program or that of another local program of like stature.   The Tenant will have the right to accept this new replacement property or reject such an offer and receive a refund equal to the unused portion of the Rental Fee paid. The Tenant agrees that the Tenants choice of these options will be the Tenants sole remedy for any and all damages, liability, or inconvenience arising from this double booking.
SUBSTITUTIONS BML strives to comply with all reservation bookings for a specific Rental Property. However, due to ownership changes, properties being removed from this rental program, mechanical problems or other unforeseen circumstances, BML cannot absolutely guarantee the specified Rental Property. BML reserves the right to change assignments without notice (but will use its best efforts to notify Tenant when it becomes know that stated property becomes unavailable) or liability should be property become unavailable. When comparable accommodations are not available, The Tenant will have the option of selecting from available properties at no additional cost or receive a complete refund.